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Quality Policy

Stavitelstvi SMID s.r.o. has been active in the field of structural engineering on the local market since 1990. We deal with the construction of family houses and apartment houses, reconstructions, loft flats and adaptations, heat cladding of facades of family houses and apartment houses.

Customer Relationship

Our firm is strongly customer oriented. The aim of all our activities is always the 100% fulfilment of all requirements stipulated by the customer concerning the quality of the building works. We also try to anticipate the future needs of our customers. Through the improvement of all our processes and improved cooperation with all our cooperating subjects, we aim to achieve the ability to fulfil customer requirements completely and act in compliance with your wishes and requirements.

Company and Market Relationship

Our goal is to attain a good position in the area of construction works quality, to be comparable with our competitors in the Pilsen area. All processes are provided in compliance with the valid legislation, health, hygienic, safety, and environmental requirements, as stipulated by the valid Czech legislation. Our company assures the necessary support for all activities and processes, their measuring, monitoring, and analysis, so that planned goals can be met, and continuous improvement can be maintained. The company cares about optimum provision and use of the needed resources.

Employee Relationship

Each of our employees is convinced of the importance of quality for the firm's prosperity, he knows his responsibility and his role within the quality system. High quality and responsible work of each employee is the guarantee of the success of the whole company. Our employees are selected based not only on their professional qualities, but also on higher moral characteristics. The staff are the bearers of the efficiency of our firm, and remain as such through the initial training, continuous education, and support of the management. We wish to improve the relations between the firm and the employees through a good mutual communication. The system is based on a highly professional, stabilised, and satisfied team of employees.

Supplier Relationship

All our suppliers are capable of delivering exactly according to our needs and specifications. We wish to have only reliable and quality suppliers. We require that our suppliers become our partners at the same level of quality assurance. We will evaluate and select them, and maintain close cooperation with them, so that they could meet our expectations.

Relation to the Quality Management System

The firm management commits to verify the functionality of the system and assure all necessary resources to its effective functioning on a regular basis.

Continuous Improvement

With this approved and declared quality policy, we commit to improve the implemented system constantly. Changes in the organisation and management are directed towards the improved quality performance of the firm. We understand quality improvement is a continuous and systematic process.

In Pilsen on 8th January 2008
Company Agent
Zdenek Smid


Heat cladding & construction - StavitelstvI SMID s.r.o. Pilsen

We confess that we are the originators of global heat cladding. We perform heat cladding of panel and family houses so that the heat cannot escape out. You do not have anything for heat insulation? We will build a family house for you or we may start a reconstruction of your house.

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