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Reconstruction of Buildings

The reconstruction of buildings is aimed at rejuvenating a property so it has the 100% ability to fulfil the original purpose for which it was built. In practice, it means to invest the least means and get the maximum adaptation to the requirements of the inhabitants, and, at the same time, to maintain the original style of the building.

A great part of our work for the reconstructions of buildings is formed by panel houses and does not merely involve the heat cladding of facades. Many panel houses have been left to slowly fall into ruin and can only be brought back to life by radical repairs.

We will be pleased to help you rebuild your family house, so that you can continue enjoying an atmosphere which is full of history and various heritages.

Heat cladding & construction - StavitelstvI SMID s.r.o. Pilsen

We confess that we are the originators of global heat cladding. We perform heat cladding of panel and family houses so that the heat cannot escape out. You do not have anything for heat insulation? We will build a family house for you or we may start a reconstruction of your house.

You can see in the references that we have done a lot of a good work. Take advantage of our services and find out that we are the right construction firm for your project!

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